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Creativity is an essential skill for every entrepreneur. But some businesses require even more creative ideas and energy on a daily basis. If you’re interested in starting your own business and love using this skill set, here are some of the best creative business ideas to consider.

Do you have a creative small business idea?

Successful creative business ideas are those that highlight your skills while also serving an important need for customers. Here are some top qualities that lead to a successful business in a creative field:

  • Passion: You’re more likely to feel inspired by topics that interest you. So focus on business ideas you feel passionate about.
  • A strong need: Others also have to be interested in your products or service. Research your target market to make sure your offering appeals to people other than you.
  • Consistency: Creatives often get really excited about new ideas, but may struggle with day-to-day tasks. Successful small businesses need consistent upkeep.
  • A unique niche: What makes your business idea stand out? A unique product or marketing materials that speak to a new audience can grab people’s attention.
  • Adaptability: Business owners need to be able to try new things to evolve over time. Be open to new ideas and expansion opportunities.

creative business ideas

Top Creative Small Business Ideas

If you’re looking for a creative business idea to start in 2023, here are several popular options to consider.

1. Web Design Business

creative business ideas

Web design is an in-demand service that requires creative ideas and an eye for design. Work with clients to create custom designs or offer templates that people can buy and install themselves.

2. App Developer

There are tons of creative apps to build a business around. You can offer app design services to other businesses or create your own app and sell it or offer in-app purchases.

3. Photography Business

Photographers can make a living by photographing events, portraits, landscapes, or still-life scenes. Once you have the equipment you need to start a photography business, practice your craft, and start booking clients.

4. Art Gallery

creative business ideas

Open a gallery space and start displaying your own works or those from other respected artists in your area.

5. Interior Designer

If you love interior design, work with clients in your area to create spaces they love. This business idea comes with low startup costs and can even be run from your own home.

6. Landscape Designer

Small business owners who love spending time outside can offer landscape design services to create unique outdoor spaces for local clients.

7. Craft Business

creative business ideas

Create unique handmade products and sell them at local craft fairs or online marketplaces like Etsy. Learn how to start a craft business and how to start an Etsy shop before getting started.

8. Food Truck Business

Food trucks serve unique food items at local events. This can be a lucrative business idea for someone in the food industry who wants to create a unique menu.

9. Art Supply Store

As an art supply store owner, you get to carry various art supplies that you use in your own projects, from paint to craft materials.

10. Secondhand Shop

creative business ideas

Thrift stores have to find creative ways to display and sell used goods. Learn how to open a second-hand shop in your community here.

11. E-commerce Store

There are tons of unique niches for an e-commerce business. Successful businesses in this niche often design their own products or develop creative materials to promote them.

12. T-Shirt Business

T-shirt design is a popular online niche for anyone with a passion for printing and graphic design. Learn how to start a t-shirt business with just a few steps.

13. Personal Stylist

creative business ideas

Fashionable entrepreneurs can get creative while helping clients maximize their wardrobes and pick out the perfect outfits.

14. Tattoo Artist

Tattoo shops can be the perfect business idea for creatives. You’ll just need to learn how to start a tattoo business and get all the necessary materials and permits first.

15. Social Media Marketing Business

If you want to start an online creative business, help other companies manage their social media accounts with unique campaigns, visuals, and content.

16. Logo Designer

creative business ideas

Work with clients to spruce up their existing business or successfully launch a new business with the right logo.

17. Event Planning Business

Event planners help clients design and execute weddings, corporate events, and fundraisers. Use your creativity for everything from budgeting to balloon art.

18. Music Teacher

Use your creativity to share music with students. Offer private lessons or post educational content online.

19. Author

creative business ideas

Writing a book requires tons of creativity, no matter what genre or writing style. If you’re interested in this option, first learn how to become a better writer. Then look for a publisher or consider self-publishing. There are tons of places to publish your business ebook online and off.

20. Dance Studio

Teach others in your area how to move and express themselves with classes and private lessons.

21. Event Entertainer

If you play an instrument, make art, or even create balloon art, offer your services as an event entertainer in your area.

22. Subscription Box Service

creative business ideas

Subscription boxes require creativity to curate each month. Learn how to start a subscription business here.

23. Makeup Artist

Makeup artistry is one of the best small business ideas for creatives in the beauty industry.

24. Hair Stylist

You can also offer hair styling services, or even combine this with a makeup or spa business.

25. Jewelry Business

creative business ideas

Make or design your own jewelry and sell it online or in retail stores. Once you learn how to start a jewelry business, there are nearly endless options.

26. Cake Decorator

Decorate cakes for special events or photo shoots to express creativity through food.

27. Digital Martketing Service

Start a consulting business where you help businesses come up with creative marketing and advertising campaign.

28. Social Media Influencer

creative business ideas

Create your own social media presence, build a following, and then partner with brands you love to bring sponsored content to your audience.

29. Video Producer

Help brands produce video content, or create your own videos and post them online.

30. Food Blogger

Create unique recipes and post them on your blog, or write cookbooks that people can purchase.

31. Clothing Designer

creative business ideas

Start your own fashion line full of unique clothing you’d wear in your own life.

32. Greeting Card Designer

Use your art skills to design greeting cards and sell them online or at local markets and gift stores.

33. Woodworking Business

If you love making things by hand, start a woodworking business to craft unique furniture and decor.

34. Embroidery Business

creative business ideas

If you can embroider, either create a line of embroidered products or offer custom embroidery to potential clients.

35. Quilt Business

Quilting requires lots of skill and patience, but you can create beautiful products to sell.

36. Gift Shop

Open a local gift shop where you curate unique products for local customers. This requires a larger initial investment than many online and service businesses, but it can be a great business idea for those interested in retail.

37. Gift Wrapping Service

creative business ideas

Help shoppers wrap gifts around the holidays or for special occasions. You can either learn how to start a gift wrapping service on its own or add it to another business like a gift shop.

38. Sticker Business

Once you learn how to start a sticker business, you can either sell your own designs or offer custom printing for other businesses.

39. Pottery Business

Make your own ceramics to sell, like mugs, bowls, and custom sculptures.

40. Calligraphy Service

creative business ideas

Hone your calligraphy skills and create custom lettering for signs and invitations.

41. Affiliate Marketer

Start a blog, newsletter, or social media accounts and build a following. Then you can partner with related brands that offer affiliate programs to earn a commission whenever someone buys something through one of the links in your content.

42. Travel Blogger

If you love to write and travel, learn how to start a travel blog and start creating content about your trips that may benefit others.

43. Custom Illustrator

creative business ideas

Those who love to draw can offer custom portraits or artwork for customers. For example, you may provide pet owners with drawings of their dogs and cats.

44. Painter

Those who love to paint can sell original works or prints online. Or you may work with an art dealer in your area to sell directly to galleries or collectors.

45. Inventor

Coming up with new product ideas requires tons of creativity. You can either launch and sell products with your own small business or license them to other brands.

46. Candle Business

creative business ideas

Create candles from raw materials and sell them online or through local gift shops. Learn how to start a candle business here.

47. Soap Maker

Or you could learn how to start a soap business and offer personal care products instead.

48. YouTube Creator

Upload creative videos to YouTube and earn money through ad revenue, brand partnerships, or by offering your own merchandise.

49. Upcycling Business

creative business ideas

Determine how to start an upcycling business using items you already have or find at secondhand shops. Then turn them into something unique and sell them.

50. Florist

Create beautiful bouquets or floral designs to sell in a local shop or install at special events.

# Business Idea Description
1 Web Design Business Create custom designs or offer templates for websites.
2 App Developer Offer app design services or create and sell your own apps.
3 Photography Business Offer various photography services such as events, portraits, landscapes.
4 Art Gallery Open a space for displaying your own or others’ artwork.
5 Interior Designer Work with clients to create beautiful interior spaces.
6 Landscape Designer Design unique outdoor spaces for local clients.
7 Craft Business Sell handmade products online or at local craft fairs.
8 Food Truck Business Serve unique food items at local events.
9 Art Supply Store Carry various art supplies for personal or public use.
10 Secondhand Shop Display and sell used goods creatively.
11 E-commerce Store Design and sell unique products or creative materials online.
12 T-Shirt Business Design and sell T-shirts online.
13 Personal Stylist Help clients maximize their wardrobes and pick outfits.
14 Tattoo Artist Start a tattoo business with the required materials and permits.
15 Social Media Marketing Manage social media accounts with creative campaigns and visuals.
16 Logo Designer Design logos for new or existing businesses.
17 Event Planning Business Design and execute various events, from weddings to corporate gatherings.
18 Music Teacher Share music with students through private lessons or online content.
19 Author Write books and publish them online or offline.
20 Dance Studio Teach dance classes and private lessons.
21 Event Entertainer Offer art or music services at events.
22 Subscription Box Service Curate creative subscription boxes monthly.
23 Makeup Artist Provide makeup services in the beauty industry.
24 Hair Stylist Offer hair styling or combine with other beauty services.
25 Jewelry Business Design and sell jewelry online or in stores.
26 Cake Decorator Decorate cakes for special occasions or photo shoots.
27 Digital Marketing Service Consult on creative marketing and advertising campaigns.
28 Social Media Influencer Build a social media presence and partner with brands for sponsored content.
29 Video Producer Produce video content for brands or create your own videos.
30 Food Blogger Create and post unique recipes or write cookbooks.
31 Clothing Designer Design a fashion line with unique clothing.
32 Greeting Card Designer Design and sell greeting cards online or locally.
33 Woodworking Business Craft unique wooden furniture and decor.
34 Embroidery Business Create embroidered products or offer custom embroidery services.
35 Quilt Business Create and sell beautiful quilts.
36 Gift Shop Curate unique products for a local gift shop.
37 Gift Wrapping Service Offer gift wrapping services during holidays or special occasions.
38 Sticker Business Design or print custom stickers for sale.
39 Pottery Business Craft ceramics like mugs, bowls, and sculptures.
40 Calligraphy Service Offer custom calligraphy for signs and invitations.
41 Affiliate Marketer Partner with brands to earn commission through affiliate links.
42 Travel Blogger Write and create content about your travel experiences.
43 Custom Illustrator Draw custom portraits or artwork for customers.
44 Painter Sell original paintings or prints online or through galleries.
45 Inventor Develop and sell or license new product ideas.
46 Candle Business Create and sell candles online or in local shops.
47 Soap Maker Produce and sell personal care soap products.
48 YouTube Creator Create videos on YouTube and monetize through various channels.
49 Upcycling Business Transform secondhand items into unique products for sale.
50 Florist Design and sell bouquets or floral arrangements in a shop or at events.

What is the most profitable small business for creative entrepreneurs?

Profitability greatly depends on the skills and interests of the business owner, along with other factors like location and competitors. However, many online and mobile businesses come with low startup costs and high profitability potential. For example, a mobile app designer can earn high profits quickly.

What creative business can you start from nothing?

Starting a business from scratch without significant capital is feasible, especially in the digital space. With just a computer or phone, aspiring entrepreneurs can tap into various creative and often low-cost business opportunities. Here’s an expanded look at some of those opportunities:

Writing and Content Creation

  • Blogging:
    • Write about subjects you’re passionate about.
    • Monetize through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or ad revenue.
  • Freelance Writing:
    • Offer writing services for websites, magazines, or businesses.
    • Specialize in areas like copywriting, technical writing, or creative storytelling.
  • E-Book Publishing:
    • Write and self-publish e-books through platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
    • Explore fiction, non-fiction, or educational materials.

Social Media and Online Influence

  • Social Media Influencer:
    • Build a following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.
    • Partner with brands for sponsored content or promote affiliate products.
  • Social Media Management Services:
    • Manage the social media profiles of businesses or individuals.
    • Services include content creation, engagement, and analytics reporting.
  • YouTube Content Creator:
    • Create engaging video content in niches like education, entertainment, or tutorials.
    • Monetize through ad revenue, sponsorships, or selling products.

Design and Artistic Ventures

  • Graphic Design Services:
    • Offer design services for logos, websites, or marketing materials.
    • Platforms like Fiverr or Upwork can help find clients.
  • Digital Art Sales:
    • Create and sell digital artwork or prints online.
    • Utilize platforms like Etsy or personal websites.

Educational and Consulting Services

  • Online Tutoring or Coaching:
    • Provide tutoring in academic subjects or coaching in specialized areas like fitness or career development.
    • Use video conferencing tools for one-on-one or group sessions.
  • Consulting and Strategy Services:
    • Offer expert advice in areas like business strategy, marketing, or personal branding.
    • Engage clients through virtual meetings and tailored action plans.

Technology and Development

  • Web Development:
    • Design and build websites for individuals or businesses.
    • Specialize in responsive design, e-commerce, or content management systems.
  • App Development:
    • Create custom mobile apps for clients or develop your own apps to sell on platforms like the App Store or Google Play.

E-Commerce and Retail

  • Dropshipping Business:
    • Start an online store and sell products without holding inventory.
    • Use platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce to build the store.
  • Handmade Goods Seller:
    • Craft handmade products and sell them on Etsy or social media platforms.
    • Options include jewelry, candles, or custom clothing.

Community and Networking

  • Virtual Networking Event Organizer:
    • Organize and host virtual networking events for professionals, hobbyists, or community members.
    • Leverage platforms like Zoom or Eventbrite for event management.

Starting any of these businesses does require some level of skill, commitment, and possibly minimal investment in tools or software subscriptions. However, the barrier to entry is relatively low, and the potential for growth can be substantial. Building a strong online presence, providing quality services, and continually learning and adapting to the market needs are key to succeeding in these ventures.

What are the top growing small businesses in 2023?

The landscape of small businesses in 2023 has seen considerable growth in various sectors, reflecting changes in technology, consumer behavior, and societal needs. Here’s an expansion of some of the top growing small business sectors, including both online and home service businesses:

Online and Mobile Service Businesses

Online and mobile service industries have witnessed a significant surge in demand due to the widespread adoption of technology and an emphasis on digital presence. This category includes:

  • Website Development:
    • High demand for personalized and professional websites.
    • Services range from basic template designs to complex e-commerce platforms.
  • Digital Marketing Services:
    • Increasing need for search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media management.
    • Businesses are focusing on online brand building and reaching target audiences.
  • E-commerce Stores:
    • Growing consumer preference for online shopping.
    • Various niches like handmade goods, sustainable products, or specialty food items.
  • App Development:
    • Mobile apps for both consumer and business solutions are booming.
    • This includes fitness apps, productivity tools, or custom apps for specific industries.
  • Subscription Box Services:
    • Customized subscription boxes catering to different interests and hobbies.
    • Examples include beauty products, book clubs, or gourmet food.
  • Online Education and E-Learning Platforms:
    • Online courses, workshops, and training programs are increasingly popular.
    • Areas include professional development, hobby-related learning, and academic support.

Home Service Businesses

In addition to the digital realm, home service businesses are thriving as people are investing more in their living spaces and seeking convenience. This category includes:

  • Cleaning Services:
    • Both residential and commercial cleaning.
    • Specializations in eco-friendly products or deep cleaning services.
  • Property Management:
    • Managing rental properties for owners, including maintenance, tenant relationships, and financial oversight.
    • Can range from single-family homes to multi-unit apartment buildings.
  • Home Renovation and Improvement:
    • Demand for remodeling and upgrading living spaces.
    • Specializations in energy-efficient upgrades or custom interior designs.
  • Landscaping and Outdoor Design:
    • Creating and maintaining aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces.
    • Services include garden design, lawn care, and hardscape installations.
  • Personal Chef and Meal Delivery Services:
    • Customized meal preparation and delivery for busy households or special dietary needs.
    • Growth in healthy, organic, or specialty cuisine.
  • In-Home Health and Wellness Services:
    • Providing health-related services at home, such as physical therapy or personal training.
    • Rise in demand due to aging population and focus on wellness.

These growing sectors demonstrate a dynamic shift towards personalized and convenient solutions, be it through innovative digital platforms or quality home-based services. Entrepreneurs and small business owners focusing on these areas have an opportunity to tap into emerging trends and meet evolving consumer needs in 2023.

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