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Man stands on street with fire behind him. He is wearing riot helmet and gas mask.

Photograph from award-successful piece, “The Composition: A Photojournalist’s Journey to the Pulitzer Prize.” Photo by John Minchillo.

CSUN’s Strategic Communications and Model Management Section, previously Advertising and marketing and Communications, has at the time yet again been honored with various awards for remarkable print layouts and media creation.Photograph from “The Composition, A Photojournalist’s Journey to the Pulitzer Prize.” The piece has been honored in current marketing and communications awards. Photograph by John Minchillo.

The group of writers, editors and graphic design and style industry experts tells the tales of students, college, staff members and alumni and dedicates by itself to CSUN’s visibility in the neighborhood and nationally — and internationally. The office has regularly been acknowledged with awards from companies that critique the work of communications and advertising industry experts from a wide variety of distinct fields.

Current awards include things like:

Hermes Inventive Awards — 2022

Affiliation of Advertising and Interaction Gurus


  • Print Media/Publications/Journal: CSUN Magazine: Forging Ahead
  • Print Media: The Composition: A Photojournalist’s Journey to the Pulitzer Prize. (Website link: https://csunshinetoday.csun.edu/school-and-employees-news/faculty-and-personnel-achievements/honors-awards/the-composition-a-photojournalists-journey-to-the-pulitzer-prize/)
  • Electronic Media, Social Media, Interactive Media: CSUN Tik Tok
  • Print Media: Nazarian Faculty Journal


  • Print Media, Report: President Beck’s 100-Working day Listening Tour
  • Print Media, Journal: SPECTRA Journal
  • Electronica Media, Social Media, Interactive Media: Assist CSUN’s Biggest Desires

MarCom Awards – 2021

Association of Advertising and Communication Gurus

  • Print Media, Structure (Print)/Poster: Family Aim Useful resource Center Poster
  • Print Media, Layout (Print)/Environmental Graphics: Mamava Lactation Pod Style for CSUN

The Communicator Awards – 2022

The Academy of Interactive and Visible Arts

Awards of Excellence

  • Excellence, Strategies, Sequence Educational & Tutorial: CSUN Tik Tok
  • Excellence, Attributes-Producing: The Composition: A Photojournalist’s Journey to the Pulitzer Prize
  • Excellence, Characteristics-Crafting: A Leap of Religion: Wesley Williams is Additional than a Information for Paralympian Lex Gillette
  • Excellence, Instructional Establishments: President Erika D. Beck’s 100 Working day Listening Tour Report
  • Excellence, Academic Institution: Organization Analytics Method Brochure
  • Excellence, CSUN Assistive Engineering Meeting System

Awards of Difference

  • Magazine-Instructional Institution: SPECTRA Journal
  • Collateral-Other: CECS Innovation Heart Presentation Deck

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