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My mom and my late father were never fans of the stock market. My dad lost a lot of money early in his adulthood in the stock market and never wanted to go back. They ended up investing slowly in real estate, buying a few houses that would become rental income. 

But late in 2020, as my mom was lamenting that interest rates on her CDs at the bank were so incredibly low, my sisters and I convinced her to take some of her savings and put it in mutual funds.  

If you’ve got mutual funds, you know what’s happened. Up and down, but mostly down. 

My mom hasn’t been a happy camper as I’ve tried to tell her that mutual funds in the long run — with time — should do better than that money in a CD earning next to nothing. But of course, there is risk, and these days with headlines about inflation and the Ukraine war and soaring gasoline prices, it makes my mom nervous.