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Camp Brisket at Hildebrand Equine Intricate on Friday, Jan. 5, 2024.

Courtney Sacco/Texas A&M AgriLife Promoting and Communications


Barbecue fanatics from throughout the country collected at Texas A&M University’s Hildebrand Equine Intricate on Friday to kick off the 12th yearly Camp Brisket — an instructional software for the community hosted by meat experts from Texas A&M’s University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in collaboration with Foodways Texas.

Camp Brisket draws in individuals from all backgrounds and experience ranges, from home cooks and hobbyists to skilled cooks and restaurateurs. Users of each year’s class get to invest two days on the Texas A&M campus in Faculty Station, honing their craft less than the route of a trio of gurus acknowledged as the “Three Brisketeers” — meat science professor Dr. Davey Griffin, Rosenthal Meat Center manager Ray Riley, and Dr. Jeffrey Savell, vice chancellor and dean of Agriculture and Existence Sciences.

The January plan is distinct from the college’s 3-working day Barbecue Summer Camp in that it focuses entirely on the science, background and planning of beef brisket, teaching individuals useful strategies for perfecting this Texas staple. Each plans usually characteristic best pitmasters and other top figures in the Texas barbecue scene, who provide their personal assistance and views.

To learn extra about Texas A&M’s barbecue camps and how to indicator up, pay a visit to bbq.tamu.edu.