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Leadership New Mexico is proud to introduce its Core Program Class of 2022. These 42 leaders from 17 communities and a broad range of industries are passionate about one central goal and purpose: building a stronger future for all New Mexicans.

Class participants are motivated to lead their organizations and communities with a deeper understanding and awareness of the most pressing issues facing our state.

Leadership New Mexico was formed in 1995 by a small group of committed individuals who saw the need for a nonpartisan, statewide organization dedicated to the development of informed leaders. In its 26th year, Leadership New Mexico has provided more than 2,000 business, community and government leaders from 89 communities with valuable insights and perspectives on New Mexico’s many opportunities and challenges.

The organization’s four programs — the Core Program, the Local Government Leadership Program, the Connect New Mexico Program, and the Alumni Member Program — educate participants and deliver experiences that foster lasting professional and personal relationships.

Launched in 1996, the Core Program was designed to serve established, senior-level leaders. It consists of six-program sessions held in communities across the state over a 10-month period. Each session features presentations from respected experts who volunteer their time to share their knowledge with a group of 40 to 45 Core Program participants each year.

The Local Government Leadership Program was created in 2003 for municipal and county officials, school board members, New Mexico National Guard members, and regional councils of government to help them gain the knowledge to undertake civic responsibilities with a passion for effective and ethical public service. They meet twice for two-and-a-half-day sessions and is the product of a partnership with New Mexico Counties, the New Mexico Municipal League and the New Mexico School Board Association.

Connect New Mexico the “Next Generation of Leadership” Program, introduced in 2007, is tailored to the needs of young professionals (ages 25-40). This program combines elements of the Core Program and Local Government Leadership Program to develop participants’ personal leadership skills and gain a greater understanding of how New Mexico’s systems and structures work.

Since its launch in 2001, the Alumni Member Program has steadily grown and evolved. Graduates from all three Leadership New Mexico programs can continue their involvement and professional development through educational and social events throughout the state.

The enduring value that Leadership New Mexico delivers to participants beyond their initial program experience is reflected in the organization’s enthusiastic member involvement. More than 291 individuals have become Lifetime Members and support Leadership New Mexico’s endowment, which has enabled the organization to offer additional benefits such as program scholarships for individuals from small businesses and rural communities.

While the focus and content of each Leadership New Mexico program differ, the organization’s central goal and impact contain a common thread. Graduates from all three of Leadership New Mexico’s educational programs move on to infuse their organizations and communities with new knowledge and understanding, and perhaps most importantly, become part of a statewide network of informed and dedicated leaders that put their insight into action. They serve countless hours on boards and committees and advocate for critical issues in their communities and the state. Leadership New Mexico’s graduates work tirelessly to lead the way to a stronger New Mexico, a place where individuals, families, and organizations can succeed and thrive.

Pick up a copy of the June 6, 2022, Business Outlook to view pictures of Leadership New Mexico’s 2022 core program class.