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Dale C. Maley

Plumbers working at the E.L. Payne plumbing firm in 1957.

The E.L. Payne plumbing business served Fairbury space customers for 30 decades. This organization served as a enterprise incubator with lots of Fairbury gentlemen finding out their craft, operating for E.L. Payne, and then starting off their own enterprises. Dale Dameron, Wade Harris, Henry Maurer, John Bushman, and John Dietiker all started out at the Payne store ahead of they quit to create their personal companies.

E.L. Payne was 1 of Fairbury’s early plumbers. The story of the Payne spouse and children commenced with the marriage of Jeptha Payne (1875-1935) and Martha T. Gentry (1866-1942). In 1895 in Temple Hill, Kentucky, they experienced a son they gave the alternatively unusual title of Elchard Levi Payne. When their son grew up, he preferred the nickname “Slender,” or he used his initials of E.L. Payne.

In the 1910 census, Elchard was 14 a long time outdated and lived with his mom and dad in Union, Kentucky. His occupation was a farm laborer on his father’s farm. Sometime just before 1918, Elchard moved from Kentucky to Fairbury. Numerous pioneer settlers relocated from the Kentucky area to Fairbury to farm.